Happy Saturday friends!

The D23 Expo is in full swing in Anaheim, and my newsfeeds are all jam-packed with Disney news.

The annual expo is a haven for Disney fans, with special art, merchandise and, best of all, news about upcoming attractions and Disney offerings.

In my time working for the company, I was a witness to a number of grand openings and the closure of attractions that came with those. Most of the time people were ecstatic about the new things coming to the parks, but there were always a few that were upset. It’s totally normal to be sad and sometimes apprehensive about change, but (sorry to sound like a fortune cookie) it is usually for the best.

I read an article the night before the expo began encouraging fans to embrace change within the Disney theme parks and company. I couldn’t have agreed with this article more, and I was reminded of Walt’s quote “keep moving forward.”

Some things in the parks might change, but I know they are going to be incredible. I encourage us to embrace the updates, change, and keep moving forward.

Now, which announcements are you most excited about?! ✨


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